Sunday, 19 January 2020

World Eaters Mk 4 Legion Dread

My day off yesterday was a taken up with some family meal time and catching up with The Good Place and watching Treadstone. As it got late I started working on the Word Bearers chain fist that had been magnetised on that dreadnought. I filed out the hole to get the right size to fit the shoulder mount.
The Forge World shoulder mounts it's hand weapon a little different from the gw version, it slips between 2 flanges, I trimmed the epic cannon down a touch and then filed it down on both sides to make a nice interference fit. I know I still have to work on the Titan fist and trim down the barrels a bit so it fits the fist and I need to either borrow the Chaplian dreadnought's ccw or have a go at building another one.

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