Saturday, 2 April 2011

2 in one day!

Here's my second posting...

The Games Workshop have totally re-done the Deamon hunters Codex and are releasing it this weekend. Now from what I can gather they have completely revamped the army list. Which kind of leaves me with a problem as I have a small Deamon Hunters force, 2 HQ's (1 Inquisitor, 1 Grand Master with Body Guard of Terminators), 2 Troops (made up of Dark Angel Veterans) and 2 Fast Attack Teleporters (made up form Chaos Marines and Khorne Berzerkers). Now with this new Codex my army is obsolete and I'm thinking of breaking it up and using it again, the Dark Angel Vets will go to make Assault Marines/ Raptors and 5 Sargeants or some Vanguard Vets thereby freeing up 25 models, as I have a spare 5 DA Vets knocking abou,t and the 20 Teleport Troopers give me another 20 models to play around with plus and couple of spares the I'll get from dropping the Imperial Elements from my mian army, the Chaplin, the Librarians, the Medic. Which means I can have 2 basic army lists, one for the Iron Warriors and one for the Knights of Blood supporting elements to my army. But if I do do this I loose an option army that I really liked the idea of of and enjoyed making as every modle was a conversion in one way or another

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