Friday, 1 April 2011


This post should of been up yesterday, but I had an emergency phone call at 3pm and had to get to the bank double quick to sort out my friends bank and then it's time for tea and all that.

As has been discussed I'm working on a Renegade Army right now with Android support, well I was in town the other day walking past a Charity shop when I saw some 28mm metal robots I thought they look cool, lets have a closer look. Went into the shop and it turns out they are Rouge Trader era Necron Warriors, £5 lighter I walk out of the shop with them in a bag. Didn't tell the woman in the shop that the models in question are probably worth far more than that. Above you can see the 3 models in the range, I've turned one round so as to show the light blue wash I've done on the spine to denote the power supply. And with some judicious ebaying I've picked up 10 of the Space Crusade plastic Androids for a total of £4 and when is all said and I'll have 2 squads of 10 Chaos Androids, lead by Techmarines, armed with 2 melta guns.

Next step for this army is going to be the Troops, Elites, Tanks and Bikes which are going to cost money. Ebay here I come.

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