Thursday, 14 April 2011

Limited Scope

I realised last night that this blog is just about one of my gaming hobbies, not all of them. It started out as my fumbling attempt to build me a bigga tank but is now a bit more as I'm reporting the work I'm doing on my Warhammer40K army but still that is only a small amount of the gaming I do. I'm also into RPG's as well as computer games, although I'm stuck with a PS2 for the time being as I can't afford a PS3 ( why buy a blu ray player and a games machine when you can get 2 in 1?). So here I am posting about more gaming.
I helped to play tested Third Eye Games Apocalypse Prevention Inc for the creator of the game Eloy Lasanta, which was a good game, only marred by players to stuck in their ways to give it a good go. We are now currently playing White Wolfs D10 game Aberrant, which is about Super Hero's. Before that we were playing White Wolfs Vampire The Masquerade, which we played for about 6 years, (the game went on so long 2 players got married and had kids before it finished, one of those involved meeting the girl, falling in love, emigrating, getting married, and finally having the baby). Now I'm not sure if that means I was a bad ST for not being able to finish it or good one because the players didn't want it to finish. We where playing the Transylvanian Chronicles, a story that starts in about 1190 and runs all the way up to 200* for the last installment. I added bits and pieces to the story and one of the longest running side stories involved time travel and players thinking that they could cheat me out of doing a story I'd spent 2 weeks working, after I got my head round what to do and got there agreement to go with the change to the story as I was at a loss for the last hour of game time that night, that side story lasted over a year, and involved much travel and dicking about in Space/Time, for game purests my main DPC was a Mage who had learnt to time travel from a mysterious stranger with a long flowing scarf and a blue box..., which is how I got around that major story hole.

Okay signing off for now as there is a crappy 1950's black and white sci fi film on channel 4 shortly and I want to be home to watch it.

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