Monday, 4 April 2011

Shocking Total

Okay so yesterday while my 2 daughters were out at their mums for mothers day I started to pull apart the Deamon Hunters and take out the Imperial parts of my loyalish Marine army and go head long with Chaos, after taking out the Stern Guard, Vanguard and swapping the Assault Marines with the DA vets, taking out the Thousand Sons and a couple of other bits and pieces, I find I've got 80 models to play with. So that's 4 troops for my Iron Warriors which for now will be it. Also 4 troops for my Knights of Blood Army which comes kind of close to making it a playable army if I add the Khorne Berzerkers as either Berzerkers or Death Company I'm good to go, with the Seth model I've made and the Captain in Terminator Armour as options for my HQ choices. I'm amazed that I had all those model just sat around doing nothing, now all I need is some more paint to get going with the 2 new colour schemes.

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