Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Something I've Had Plenty Of Time To Think About

Oaky what follows is a short piece I orginally posted on the Warhammer40K forum site about how the Blood Angel Army list makes a better siege army than the assasult army it was designed to make, comments would be welcome.

Iron Warriors Dreadnought Heavy Army

I've got insomnai at the moment and find myself with lots of spare hours in the dark, so the other morning while waiting for the Grand Prix practise session to come on the red button on my freeview box I was reading through the Index Astartes with the Iron Warriors in and then I started on the Blood Angels Codex and a thought came to me of doing a very Dreadnaught heavy army, for fun rather than a seriuos attempted at building it. the following list is from memory of what i wrote out
HQ Captian in Terminator Armour with 2 thunder hammers
Captain in power armour with infrnus pistol and power fist(use a tech marine back pack for that)

Elites 3 Furioso Dreads
Fast Attack 1 Baal Predator or 1 Vanguard Veteran Squad
Heavy Support 2 Dreads and 1 Predator
Troops 15 Death Company in a Land Raider Crusader, 3 Death Company Dreads and 2 tactical Squads.

Justifaction :
Death Company- The Iron Warriors are type cast as seige
specialist and come to realish the realise of the storming of the breach, hench the death company to represent the frenzied warriors who are over come with blood lust.
Land Raider Crusader- The Iron Warriors have a massive motor pool and are known to salvage tanks and big guns, hence the Crusader, or having seen how effective made their own version.
Death Compnay Dreads-If a warrior is that unhinged give him something to really take the fight to the enemy fortifcations
Baal Pred- why wouldn't the preeminent seige corps have close assault varient preds to clane out the cities of thier emenies?
Vanguard Vets- You want your best close assault troops at the froe front of your Fallorn Hope
Furioso Dreads- Honored Fallen of the Grand Company still ablr to wreck unholy havoc on the lackies of teh false emperor.

Insomnia Strikes Again

So saw the dawn again this morning, we do get some very nice sun rises and sun sets round here... I'm a little bit tired so may be rambling.

More thoughts on using the Blood Angels Codex for an Iron Warriors Army;

What you can't have.
Danta, Sanguinary Guard, The Sanguinairy- Sorry but models that represent whats best in the chapter just don't fit with Chaos Marines.

Storm Raven- Sorry but no, unless you want to spend the near £100 on the Hell Tallon and call that a Storm Raven untill this rumored Summer of Fliers comes round then that's a no.

Captain Tyco- Altough I'm not to sure about this one, he was insane by the end so I could let you have this one.

Mephisto- No, just no.

Razorbacks- Sorry, but no Chaos force has them yet, though I don't know why not

If not mententioned below with a reason then of course you can have it.
Death Company Tyco- Insane combat womble? Throw him into the breach, if he gets killed at least he'll of taken some of the enemy with him.

Astorath the Grim- Yes someone to take down the frenzied breach stormers and he is a nasty piece of work as well.

Chaplains- Just treat them as a Chaos Lord choice in this case.

Librarian- Sorcerer , Blood Lance would be handy wouldn't it?

Land Raiders as Dedicated Transports- Most of the Iron Warriors Equpiment would of been stored in the Chapter Houses the Legion was garrisoning, they would of had a lot of the large parts left after the Seige of Earth.

Assault Troops as a Troops choice- Well storming a breach in a fortress wall is close combat of course you want lots of assault troops going in there.

Decnt of Angels- The Iron Warriors are siege troops par exellents, part of seige work is knowing where everything is, another part of seige work is time, so the Grand Company command will have lots of time to map and re-map the target area and learn where everything is sited, hence keeping the Decent of Angels special rule.

The Red Thirst- The Iron Warriors are known to get themselves a little worked up when it comes time to storm an enemy citadel, doesn't the Red Thirst fit with that?

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