Sunday, 21 June 2015

Force Of Telvig

I posted the photos from yesterday at GW and was asked for more photos of the Wraithlords, so I got out the rest of the stuff for Telvig's army.

I took them out into the yard for some natural light.

5 Glade Guard as Rangers.

Farseer in front.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the Pirate girls and 5 more Glade Guard Rangers.

The Venom Vypers

Jussi Nietos Warden Of The North.

2 of The Knights Watch, any and all War Walkers will be White Walkers or Ghost Walkers when I get round to them.

The Tree Man Avatar Of Khaine.

4 out of 5 big guys.

And finally got a start made on this which I'm thinking of running this as a Falcon for now as I've butchered a Bright Lance to make a Pulser.

Which looked a touch ropey when I left for work. And the Lightening Claw I'm working on for my old school Terminator that I'm planning on running as a Beliel.

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