Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mother Telvig

Rather than fork out for bus fare today, I've decided to pick my DA Codex up tomorrow as I'm working in Preston and can claim my travel expenses back from my work. So instead of that I have failed a spicy food challenge and painted Mother Telvig up.

Base coat of Ushabati Bone on Telvig and 2 Face for the Harlequins.

The hair had a base wash of Lamenters Yellow, then a dry brush of Evil Sunz Scarlet before another wash with Blood For The Blood God.

I then gave her a wash of Nihilakh Oxide.

The tree trunk and weapon arm both got a wash with sepia.

The truck got a brown dry brush, the Prism Rifle a Screaming Skull dry brush and the body got a White Scar dry brush.

The aim was to get her looking kind of ghostly and intimidating, just now need a squad of Shadow Spectors so I can take her as a HQ.

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