Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Grandfather Telvig, Guardian Of The World Spirit Shrine.

Part 1.
I started the 2nd Wraithlord this morning, with the intention of making it more Treemany.

The head is one of the spares from the treeman kit, green stuffed onto the canopy.

I took the hand off the metal arm and magnetised the treeman staff in it's place.

I've added some green stuff to the arm to hide the magnet.

I added a couple of bits to the legs as I wanted them to look a bit more rustic.

Both arms have some bits added at the shoulder.

I added a a branch bit to the canopy at the rear to make it rustic looking.

I added a couple of the serpents and sprits to the base.

After I had chopped off the tendrils of the staff weapon I added them to the back of the veins along with a serpent that I glued on the top.
Going to make another one of these as well and kit it out as a Wraithseer, I just need another treeman kit and a cheap wraithlord to represent the Grandmother of Telvig.

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