Friday, 26 June 2015

Mother Telvig

So the Wood Elf Spellweaver with Staff arrived yesterday morning, now, and I got straight on with her. First thing first was to get the Prism Cannon onto the staff and with a little bit of green stuff and 1 bit cut off I think it looks okay

I'm giving myself a +1 for making sure it was straight as well at this point I thought what else can I do so I dug out the Eldar bits again and got a skull mask and an assortment of blades to use, most DE Wytches swords or spare swords from the Harlequins I got off Facebook along with a sickle from a Wrack and a bilhook that I have no idea where it came from.

I played around with the mask a lot today, filing it out so it would fit better. My first thought was to have her at port arms and have the mask following the faces point of view.

As you can see I changed my mind and went for a more dynamic look, by shifting the mask around it now looks like she is sighting along the cannon

I added the Star Cannon containment flasks to act as a counter balance as that whole arm is actually magnetised for transport and storage.

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