Thursday, 31 December 2015

December 31st Again! 2015 This Time

Another year nearly over and where are we up to? Well I've topped over 760 posts on here now, which shows a willingness to tackle long term projects...
So hobby wise where am I?

My DA, Harlequins and Exodites have all expanded this year, as have The Knights Of Blood project but I don't have a big photo of that.
So what is next for me? Well I really need to do some repairs to my house after that rather nasty storm we had over Northern England over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, a months worth of rain in 9 hours after a month of rain with 4 major storms thrown in for flavour, but we can work around that.
In January I've arranged a game down at Warhammer World,

hopefully I'll have enough spare cash to pick up a Dark Eldar Reaper from Forge World while we are down there to fill out the Heavy Support Choice for the First Masque. On the Harlequins I think this year will mostly be their year again, buying will be limited as I'm saving for a trip to China next Christmas to see my oldest daughter,

I can see just Voidweavers and Skyweavers being bought and I need lots of both, beyond those basics I intend to add 3 Tantalos for the First Masque, but those are quite a ways off yet. I'm just trying to find the last couple of Jes Goodwin Harlequins I'm currently missing to fill out The League Of Shadows and The Crimson Kings Guard.

The Exodites are fairly complete buying wise, I'm just after something to use as Banshees, some Fire Dragons, (I'm thinking of seeing how the Eldar Fusion Gun looks on the Dark Shards/Corsairs as those guys are fairly cheap) and Warp Spiders and then painting and filling out other areas of that army, again I'm thinking of the Forge World Carmine Dragon with Elspeth Von Dracon as a Hemlock and then thinking of where to go from there really. I have a Wraithseer and Spirit Warrior in my project box and a Waywatcher that I'm going to paint in line with the Rangers I have already.

The Lion's Blades well I now have 3 Land Raiders so I think that I'll be looking on Ebay for cheap Vindicators and Whirlwinds to round out 2 more Hammer Of Caliban Formations, I do plan to get both a Forge World variant Vindicate and Whirlwind for these 2 as lead tanks. Bike wise plan A is 3 more to fill 3 Ravenwing squadrons, some Black Knights, fill out a Silence Squadron, which is a Dark Talon and 2 Nephilim and maybe 3 more Land Speeder to fill out a Support Squadron and, most likely not this year unless I get lucky on ebay, a Javelin Land Speeder for a counts as Sableclaw.
For The Knights Of Blood I plan a painting blitz for them at some point when I get through January and February, and to see if I can get the Marine Codex and Blood Angel Codex to start a solid plan.

I don't intend to re paint the Storm Talon from The Glorious 1000 colours, I'll just come up with a bit of background that explains why they'll be the odd bit of kit or marine, that will be orange and bone in this army, look put for the re-painted Land Speeder Storm this year

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