Thursday, 17 December 2015

Monthly Vow November to December

So this month I find time has been in very short supply.

I have got the last 2 full Troupe painted up, The Wyld Ones and The Wild Cards

And done a bit of work on the Skyweavers to get the colours of the first to match up with the latest ones, and I plan to carry this theme on with the rest of the Squadrons.
I'm not planning on stating anything is getting done this month apart from working out what I need to get to finish the Harlequins ground troupe and transports along with Voidweavers and Skyweavers.
There is a plan to paint the Spartan but I'm currently torn between painting it for my DA army or go old school and paint it up for the Harlequins.

Like this old image.
So nothing is planned till the 12th of January by me, bits will get done, but not much. I now need to go and look up how to use that gorram bbq I put together today...

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