Saturday, 2 December 2017

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Björns, bloody thousands of um, well 4.
Owing to a serious issue with the Warp drive and what the lady that showed up in blue box assured us is mirely a cross dimensional metaphaseic cascade we have several versions of Björn the Fell Handed running around together. from a fresh Blood Claw

To him at Prespero

To his early dreadnought form

up to the M 41 dreadnought version.

The alternative time line version where Cawl rolls out the Primaris before Rowboat takes his 8000 year nap is still awaiting paint but I need to work on some bases before I start that one.

The Inquisition Ordo Chronos has dispatched Agents Sapphire and Steel to investigate.


Carl Finch said...

Great work dude, I wonder what the term for a multitude of Bjorn's is ? A facepunch of Bjorn's maybe ? Very cool work :)

Paul Harris said...

The collective noun for a group of bears is a sloth, but somehow that doesn't work for this.