Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Green Roading

 I finished these off today. I've spent a few days looking at the Invader and Ridge Runner and I think I've worked out what it is about them, the Ridge Runner is designed as an off roader from the ground up, the Invader is/was filling a hole that the attack bike will leave when it's retired and very past it's sell by date.

If I was to redesign this one, and it suffers from the same problem the Storm Talon does, is its not long enough, I'd like to extend the front wheels a bit, add the ridge runner suspension and something to cover the driver, yes he has armour but better to have extra protection.

Okay the issues with using the ridge runner in a marine army is it's cab isn't large enough to get an armoured marine in or 2.

Over all I'd go with the Ridge Runner over the Invader. I think that I'll pick up both again next month and see if I can get those wheels on that chassis. 

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