Sunday, 22 November 2020

WIP 22nd /11 / 2020

 Had a nice easy day today, painting the Mortal Realms Cairn Wraith as well as putting an Invader ATV and Ridge Runner.

I did the usual ushabati bone base coat then gave the robes a coat of Blzck Templar contrast, and highlighted that with graduation of greys. The bones had an athonian camoshade wash, as did the shaft after a coat of bark brown. 

I also built the Invader, an okay kit in and of itself, tiny issue is the ammo packs need a bit of work to get them to fit, but it needs something, I don't know what that something is...

I got so wrapped up in making the Ridge Runner I forget to take photos, it was more fun to put together than the Invader was for me, your experience may vary. 

I've magnetised the main gun options to the hatch and the auto bolt rifles are currently blue tacked into place.

I'm thinking of putting the Chaplain on bike together tomorrow, I'm now going to cook tea. 

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