Saturday, 14 November 2020

The Doctor Is In

 The Doctor will see you plague rats now.

This is really nice mini to paint, bit fiddly with assembly. I wouldn't glue the spider arm back pack in place if I was transporting this on a regular basis.

I started with the usual ushabati bone base coat, and then 4 coats of agrax earthshade for the leather look, then a layer of steel Legion drab, then a highlight of 50/50 steel Legion drab and screaming skull. 

The pack has a black base coat then leadbleacher then brass Scorpion in some areas.

The syringes are the same, minus the black base coat. 

The skull got a layer of screaming skull then a wash with agrax earthshade. 

Eye lenses are picked out with evil sun scarlett. 

The question is have the heavy metal team used my techniques on the studio mini? 

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