Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Monthly Vow 12th Of November To The 14th of December

 So How Did It Go?

Close actually, I did order the Invader ATV and Chaplain on bike but still waiting for those to land.

I did get the Necromunda Rogue Doctor yesterday along with the Forge World Compendium, alongside the Astartes Codex part of the plan is to update the The Lion's Blades army list this month.

The Necromantic Horror Blood Bowl team is up for pre order this weekend, which I'll be getting and painting for the coworker.

The rest of the plan is mostly going to be Mortal Realms, with hopefully the last 3 Blade Guard getting done this month. 

Review Time

First up was the Azyrite ruin, again I didn't really have much motivation this month, and with switching to days time isn't a friend.

Again this one is for the coworker. 

I dropped a step in the painting process, just going with the Averland sunset base coat and reikland flesh wash before layering the yellow for the sun rise look which is pretty good on this one, just need to remember that only the trim is gold on those paldrons for this army.

Mine and the youngest pumpkin carvings this year. 

I did get another of the Black Scorpion Plauge Doctor minis, it is a pleasure to paint this one, like everything I've done from Black Scorpion miniatures. 

And lastly was the Night Haunt Re-enforcement from Mortal Realms. 

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