Thursday, 21 January 2016

Back In The Chop Shop

Started with the basics last night and got all of these up to the same level, and I'm back on Blogger for now as bloggeroid doesn't want to publish my stuff..., and got everything up to the serphim sepia wash, then left the jet bike alone as I didn't have any riders or orange paint with me to finish them off.
Next photo is off a bit of scenery for the game down at Warhammer World next weekend, it's an Infinity Circuit control chair for a War Walker that the Inquisition will have to use.
And lastly there's the 2 Harlequins that take me up to 150 "boots on the ground" and I'm 99.5% certain that I now have all the Jess Goodwin era Harlequins as well. First up is The Red Coat and then it's The Carmine Blade for the Troupe of the Crimson Kings Guard.

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