Thursday, 14 January 2016

Start As You Mean To Go On

Meaning I haven't done everything, again...
I got the 4 minis done but that was it.

I finished the re tasked Khorne Berzerker by adding a yellow stripe on the helmet and giving it yellow eye lenses as well.

This harlequin is ons of the last 3 I need to top out my Masque, and also is one of 2 I have left to get to have all the Jes Goodwin era Harlequins.

I dry brushed the tracks and plan to commit an act of vandalism on this old tank by hacking the hatches off so the turret can sit on the front.

Like this but better...

I forgot my glue so I'm not able to magnetise the flamestorm cannons in place.

Think this old girl is scrubbing up well.

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