Friday, 29 January 2016

Off To Warhammer World Tomorrow!

With the big game on the 30th and me out for tequila, beer and curry tonight I packed up my army ready for the 7am start tomorrow.
So what does 2500 points of Harlequins look like?
First photo up at the top is Cegorachs Finest, this is the Cast of Players formation

Next up is the Star Players, again using The Cast Of Players formation

The Heroic Dead

Troupe Milliner

The Brides Of Lazarou

Skyweavers Zero Gravitas

Skyweavers Size Isn't Everything

Voidweavers of The Diplomatic Corps

And the Solitaire from an earlier photo op, making Cegorachs Revenge Formation, I think I gave the Solitaire Cegorachs Rose and a Troupe Master Crescendo as well
So 2500 points gives me 36 + 14 + 7 + 1 troops, 4+ 4 Skyweavers and 3 Voidweavers. So 69 minis on the table, I might just out number the Grey Knight player...

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