Friday, 29 January 2016

Inspired By A 6 Word Story

Every now and then I try my hand at writing something, usually after something snags in my sub conscious and it'seems the best way to work it out. Today on Facebook there was a post asking for your 6 Word Story and mine was "She read her obituary with confusion", so far over 145 people have liked it and couple have asked for more so I at first posted the following there, and then I though why not share it here as well? Not sci-fi, nsfw, not finished.

There was the letter box again, not the morning paper boy that little twerp just threw the paper, no this one came threw the letter box in the door, every day for the last 2 weeks the newspaper for the tomorrow landed on her door mat at 6.50pm. At first she'd thought it an odd joke until the next morning. She'd even gone as far as ringing the paper to get the printers number and ringing them to see if someone that worked there was randomly putting an early copy threw her door, the exasperated printer had said
"Look love, I'd sell a kidney to have the papers printed by 5pm, but the drunks at head office haven't sobered up from lunch time enough to get a full paper out by 5 o'clock". This worried her in many ways.
The head line today was about a train wreck, on the line she used to go to work. Horrified she read the article finding out the names of knock off beat earphones man, pregnant lady, smelly business man, slick bastard and dog hair kid and then her name
'The body of Sally Harris was found to have been thrown from the train, but she hadn't been dressed for work.'
Sally looked at the article and read it again and again feeling dizzy and nauseous as she read it a fourth time.
"What the fuck?" Escaped from her lips. She poured over the article again looking for details of the crash itself just a vague paragraph about an obstacle on the line near a station.
"Can I change this?" She thought, "can I stop it happening ?"

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