Sunday, 3 April 2016

Bright Stallion Seksikäs

I have a Wraith Lord, I used to have it in my Harlequin Army, I never like the pose of it but it was cheap on ebay. So rather than go and make the 3 extra War Walker this month I'm changing my build list and making another 2 Wraith Lords one in the Bright Stallion and a second in the Towering Destroyer style.
So today to give me a bit of a break at work, 40 hours worked in 3 days, I took the project box for something to do.

Horrible pose on this, so I cut the leg off to give me some freedom.

I then spent some time working on where the to put the second body, it was attached with green stuff and moved around and glued in place after moving it up a bit.

The front leg has been reattached with green stuff.

This is a rough mock up of Seksikäs while the green stuff cures. More on this and the Towering Destroyer tomorrow.

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