Saturday, 16 April 2016

Normal Poxy Service Will Resume Shortly

I've had a bit of a shit week this week, as I've said, and shown with the monthly vow, I get paid on the 12th of the month or the first working day after that. Well this week I didn't get paid, my wage after working 250 hours wasn't computed or entered into the system at the London office, leaving me in a hole and feeling sick with worry and dread. After getting hold of my manager I was forwarded some cash so at least the bills have been paid this month and I'm not going to get the bailiffs round just yet. So as you can imagine with no spare cash, this months vow is getting altered ever so slightly, first off I'm not buying the mk2 and mk3 minis I had planned to buy this month, I will be finishing the mk4 though. I can also keep on target with the bikes and Terminators I just need to get some more glue to get those 10 re-based. Plan A is 3 bikes painted then squad markings on the 3 squads this gives me and their attack bikes and land speeders, then go over the Terminators, bounce the scratch builds that just don't work and re-base 2 of the 5 marine squads. And then locate my Cypher mini which seems to have gone missing... Any updates are posted on my Facebook page Poxy Proxies Chop Shop Page before I get them up on here so as to save on my data allowance.

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