Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Wraith Stallion

Made a bit of progress on Seksikäs last night, and mocked up the Towering Destroyer.

I had an old metal Bright Lance doing nothing, so I green stuffed it to the arm that was already broken off.

The leg that I cut off was reattached with green stuff but fell off with handling so add some magnets so it won't matter.

The 3 other legs have all been glued in place on the body, there is a stud on the back foot that goes in a hole in the base to help Seksikäs stand.

Front view with the arm glued back in place.

Side view.
The Towering Destroyer is just mocked up for now.

Plan to cut the upper hips off and not sure if I'll add magnets to it or just attach it with green stuff and glue or go full tree man on the upper chest and arms.

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