Monday, 11 April 2016

Monthly Vow 12th of April to 12th of May

So how did I do for a month with little planned? 5 counts as Banshees and a single harlequin

Last of the chop shop Skyweavers gunned up

Free handed some Ogham script on to some stones.

Made a Wraith Mare for my Exodites

And should get the last of the counts as Shadow Spectors finished tonight after various delays on that one

Next month's vow is back to the XIX Order and their Household Cavalry (2nd Company) and Hearth Guard (1st Company), the Household Cavalry with get 3 bikes painted up to make 3 squads, the 3 squads will all get markings and bases and my Terminators will get an honest appraisal and any that don't cut it will get chop and 10 are going to get rebased.

Longer term I plan to get another 3 of the Demigryphs for my command squad as those look to have survived the AoS cull and some more Land Speeders to make a Support Squadron for my Vengeance/ Dark Shroud, as well as another Dark Talon and a Nepilihim.

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