Monday, 18 April 2016

Public Service To

I'd noticed a figure in the ginnel out back a couple of weeks ago and left it thinking it's one of the kids round here, tonight it turned up in the steps up and out of my yard, so I had a look, it had lost an arm and the base which has his feet, which got me thinking how does it stack up against the other base human minis I have.

So from the left;
Black Scorpion Miniatures Medic Girl, changed her M16 to a las rifle, basic Guardsman, Imperial Officer, Distopia Wars American Officer and an American Civil War sniper that was found in my old gaming club bits box.
EDIT after a Google search I'm not sure if it is an Imperial Assault officer but I'm unaware of any other game that has star wars figures.
2nd Edit The Imperial Officer appears to be from a very basic game where you try to knock the Imperials over with a wheeled space ship, hence the very basic style.

These are Imperial Officers from the Imperial Assault game.

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