Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Change Of Plan

As I've not been paid I've changed my plan on what I'm doing this month,

Yesterday I magnetised the various arms on the newly named Puun Peikko, which is Finnish for wood troll, I've moved the magnet on the Shuriken cannon, given ot's upper left arm a couple of splinter rifles and magnetised that and the sword arm and added a magnet on the lower left arm to attach the 2nd big gun to.

Today I worked on the head.

Tree man bits to add some wood

I also added one of the chest plates to the head as well to save on green stuff mostly and I used one of the faces as well for it, as this kit is still in production I'm confident that I'll be able to buy another when I get round to doing the Knight, as I've started doing this I plan to use more of the bits off the kit on the legs and arms of this mini.
Tomorrow is leg day guys.

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