Friday, 13 March 2020

Loads By Colour

I find myself in an unusual position, in that I have 3 white/ off white minis, 3 blue minis, the ight Lords pair and the Ultramarine Tartarus terminator, a pair of gold minis, with the Emperor's Talons and a pair of green minis with the Salamander Tartarus terminator and Lord Voldemort himself, it's a bit like being my mum and doing the washing 15/20 years ago and splitting the clothes by colour. Glasses are in pocket already so I can finish the first 3 off, I still need to build the last 2 Tartarus Terminators but that's a 5 minute job. And yes I really do like that box, the Terminators themselves go together so nicely, look no different from the resin version and has a shed load of options, my single gripe with the box is its cost, at £35 plus p&p or add something to get you over the free postage threshold from GW, it's a planned buy rather than an impulse buy. Yes I am planning another buy, I'm also looking at getting a box of the Cataphractii Terminators after this current load is done.

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