Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Monthly Vow 12th Of March To The 14th Of April

My core goal for this month is the last 2 Dreads, a metal Venerable dread for the Luna Wolves and the Night Lords dread with twin assault cannons. After that it's the 5 Tartarus Terminators, an Ultramarine, Salamander, White Scar, Luna Wolf and a Night Lord, as well as Valerian to represent the Custodian Guard, and to keep an eye on the Legionnaires and Aleya to represent the Sisters Of Silence, to screen for psychic potential, of course neither will actually be the named characters. Beyond that it'll be the bits from Mortal Realms extra Secuitors and Castigators next week, the other type of Banshee and what ever comes after that, beyond those I'm thinking of getting back on the yearly vow and getting the Intercessors or Interceptors at least done as well as the knock off Voldemort, depending on time.
Review Time
First thing done was an arm swop on the Imperial Fist Legionnaire to get the pair done.
The Thousand Sons Psyker got a coat of Contrast blood angel red over the retributor gold, as did the mk4 Dreadnought.
I had a sizable pile of dead guys to get through this month, with the first test piece.
Then I had a bits and pieces night, the med beds, the the Gryph hounds, which I still wish I'd done in one colour, and medical servitors 2 and 11 and the Iron Hand Officer.
Before finally getting the Iron Hands Dreadnought finished.
Another step closer.
The Knight Incantor "exclusive" was a nice little mini, I just got the robe a bit wrong, should have done a yellow base and fade up to the tau ocher.
The Emperor's Children officer was finished, another step closer.
The Dementor from Knight Models landed, I magnetised the body to the robe, to give it a break point. When it came to painting I gave contrast another go with the black templar, it does give a nice effect on the robes on that and the Banshee back up.
The first lot of Castigators was completed.
And then a lot dead got painted.
The Iron Warrior officer arrived, and I decided to use the Contemptor for this pair, I also did a practice piece for the Luna Wolves.
After a wait I got around to the second lot Secuitors and the Celestial ballista done, which was a nice kit to build.
The last bit of the monthly Vow done was the other 2 lots of Banshees.
And a couple of bits assembled for next month.


Frost and Fists said...

Great work, bud! I really love those Emperor's Children and that badass Iron Hands Dread!!!
~ Wolfbrother Methos

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Thanks! The Emperor's Children dread was a bit of worry with so many different kits providing parts.