Friday, 27 March 2020

The 2021 Armies on Parade Plan

For Bat Man, thought it better to do a post rather than reply to your comment.
The plan is for the Imperial side of the Battle for Gate IX, the long range dreads are more or less organised with 8 in total, I've got a Deredo that I'm going to repaint the chapter badge as a Black Dragon, I have 3 of the Space Crusade long legged dreads that I'll re paint for Angels of Absolution and Brother Damos himself who has Las cannons and missile launchers, I've got a Dread in mind for that one, which leaves 4, I have 2 pairs of auto cannons and I killed a metal Dreadnought missile launcher to give me a mortis mount, I'm planning to repaint 3 of this years dreads for those guns, which leaves me 1 to equip and about 18 months to source something, I do have a vulkite Contemptor I could use at the back. Of the 9 short range/ close combat dreads, I have 2 Blood Angel dreads in the box already, with a beautiful mk4 forge world to move from this years project, there is also a Salamander and Space Wolf Dreadnought that I'm bringing over, and with Brother Wayland and his multi melta takes that up to 6 sorted, with 5 done already. So it's just a case of finding the Chapter colours of some of the ones involved and getting them arranged into a decent display.


Bat Man said...

Awesome! Thanks for the personal response :)

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Not a problem dude, it let me put down a baseine plan, in someplace other than a sheet of a4 magnetised to my fridge, just need to go back and edit this with the 2 lists of dreads