Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Green Day

Okay, mostly green, with an orange snake and some Terminators built.
I started the night giving Nagini, Voldemort and the Salamander a base coat of Ushabati bone, while that was drying I messed around with the arms for the Night Lords Terminator and put together the Ultramarine terminator. Nagini had a layer of tau ocher, then a reikland flesh wash, then a light brush of Troll slayer orange and then a fire dragon orange along the back, the belly got a brush of ushabati bone again, while the mouth had a splash of mephiston red and the teeth and eyes got a touch of pallid wit h flesh.
Tom Riddell had a layer of dark angel green, as did the salamander, then it got a wash of camoshade. Once dry it go a highlight of dark angel green again, before getting some warp stone green, then an edge high light of moot green. The skin tone was give a coat of palid witch flesh.
Lastly the salamander was finished, it also got a coat of Warp stone green and then Moot green, I added some flames and a freehand skull to the right should pad. I'll get a photo of this one with the dread before bed time, and post it tonight when I get the Talons of the Emperor box finished.


Frost and Fists said...

Looking great, bud! I especially love the snek!
~ Wolfbrother Methos

Poxy Proxy Predator said...