Saturday, 7 May 2016

Chop Shop Gabriel Seth

Well that'll teach me to try and update a page that isn't https, gone is the old page which had the earlier version of my Seth, ended up loosing it while trying to fix it.
Here are some of the older versions and the bottom few are how he stands now.

First iteration, the helmet was a filed down version of a Corvus, it took several dead helmets to get this right, the legs were from a Khorne Berzerker with the Khorne stuff filed off, chainsword is 2 Chaos chainswords "welded" together and the arm is actually a Chaos army painted up as a high spec bionic arm, the other is just a bolt pistol, these 2 bits are the only ones to make it through all the versions of this mini.

Version 2, and two versions 1 power armour & 1 Terminator Armour, at this ppint I had planned to use this army as my assault company for The Lion's Blades . Power armour; new body, new legs, new head. Legs, I'm fairly sure, are from a fantasy Knight on foot, the body is a basic chaos marine body, the arms are the only carry over from the orginal version, the head came from the club's bits box.
Terminator Armour; legs I'm fairly sure are the spare set of legs from the DA Veteran box, the body is a basic chaos marine, the arms are from a Terminator with 2 of the fists from the Ogre bulls set as Slake and Hunger, both kits use the same style of power pack.

Back to being Knights of Blood. Nothing different to the above version apart from the paint.

I have attached the chainsword arm with a magnet.

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