Sunday, 29 May 2016

One Left To Find

Managed to get some 'alone time' today, so I treated myself by getting ALL of my Dreads out.

My Deathwing Knights and the orginal Chaos chuck from the RT era.

And also the Chaos dreads.

All of the Lion's Blades Dreads.

The 5 Space Crusade Dreads, plan is when I get the Deredo, see how the big guns fit on the long legged version and if it fits run the 3 of them as Talon.

4 armed hulls on the short leg chassis.

The Knights of Blood dreads.

The Wraith Lords and War Walkers for Telvig.

And the evolution of the metal dreads, while I was getting these out I found out that I am missing the standard metal dread from 2nd /3rd edition.
So plan to source another of the metal Chaos dreads and paint it up in the bone, black and red and as I have a heavily converted Space Crusade dread I'll paint that up in the same colours as well, and source a basic metal dread as well so I have them all.

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