Thursday, 12 May 2016

Monthly Vow 12th of May to the 12th of June

So what did I miss this time?

Well after a shaky start caused by an administration error, I started on something other than what I had planned, namely the last of my Wraith Lords, Puun Peikko, Guardian of the Forest.

I gave him a nice wood like paint job as well.

I then got paid and was able to do what I had planned for the month, which was the objective markers.

The 3 bikes,

And I splashed out on a BaC Contemptor which got primed and sprayed black alongside the 3 Trantula gun platforms I'very had for a while

The Contemptor is getting painted next month, for the Knights of Blood and is possibly getting the pilots name of either Fitzcairn or St. Cloud.

Okay Puun Peikko took a wack of time to paint... I also dug out the rest of my 2nd Company to match squad markings, and finished off the platforms as well as the Captains / Objective markers.

Yes I did cheat by getting a leg up and painting the new Contemptor part black and assembling it as well.

The 3 Ravenwing squads got their squad markings.

And the 4 squads of chop shop Terminators got rebased and some got demoted.

And even though I didn't paint this squad I did come up with a back story for them;

This squad was on secondment to The Lion's Blades before the Plains World Incident and they haven't re-painted their armour, leaving it black.

All 6 objective markers.

Onto next months plan A; I bought another of the long legged Space Crusade Dreads and got a short legged version as well, I plan to paint the long legs and the chassis and both upper hulls up this month. This will give me 2 long legged versions and 3 short legged version that I can flip the different hulls on as I'll have 3 of each, then finish the chuck and set about re glueing the Forge World versions and doing a comparison post as well. I've also dug out the Poxy Proxy Banesword and will add a couple of hull mounted heavy bolt guns on the front plate. I also found a couple of metal harlequins that I was missing on ebay that I'll paint up, swopping out some of the plastic Dark Eldar Wytch minis that I've been using, I also bought a couple of scenic cavalry bases off the same seller so the bikes that are missing bases will be based this month, and I need to do Puun Peikko 's base as well.

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