Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Thought I Was Done With The Chaos Dreads

Currently back on nights so need a plan to keep me awake at work, and I do like how those Chaos Dreads look painted up.

And those Dreadnoughts from Space Crusade were classed as Chaos, there's a stand of that style in epic as well, and I had this heavily converted hull and chassis I'm a job lot that I had tried to sell bit the guy obviously didn't like the look of it, and loads to bits left over from the boxed version and 11 hours to kill...

First thing I did was cut the Nid gun off and add some magnets for the big guns.

The las cannons and heavy bolter are interchangeable on this, the multi melta and autocannons are 2 separate builds. All had wads of green stuff and magnets attached.

I played with the files and got that arm to fit over the formed arm that's part of the hull, some cutting had to take place to get it on.

And I added green stuff and magnets again as those tendrils are not something I want to transport in one piece.
I also filed out inside the head and around the prow so that the new head would fit, and I added the horns to help hide how rough that looked.

I'm back on nights on Wednesday so plan to get some paint on it then.

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