Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Chaos Helbrute

I started to put this together yesterday, it's a bit of a fiddly build and there is a tiny piece behind the head that need some filing to get it to fit and the 3 bits for the hull, the front and top are okay, the back was a struggle but that may have been me more than than the kit. The various cannons are all push fit, the only issue really if you want to swop weapons out are the extra pipes if you fit them. I dug out enough plastic to magnetise the hand arm.

I started off painting it tonight by giving it an overall base of ushabati bone, and then gave it all the bits I wanted to look organic a sepia wash, and then when that was dry, I gave it a second sepia wash, before going over those bits with a screaming skull dry brush.

And then did the armour plates with a thinned black.

Before doing the fleshy bits in elven flesh which got a nuln oil wash when dry. As my vision was getting a little blurry, I called it a night at this point.

Once home and coffeeed up I got some red on it, and touched up the black and dry brushed some of the pivot points with lead bleacher.

And this morning I put it beside the orginal metal Chuck, just wish I could find the plasma cannon arm...

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Greg Hess said...

Love the red on it!

Paul Harris said...

Thank, I was just seeing how it looked in the same colours. I did think the bits on the shin plates were a bit too much, I feel they may look better with the bone look on the edges.