Thursday, 19 May 2016

Got Them All, Part 1; Dreadnoughts

I believe, with this plastic Helbrute, I now possess all of the GW plastic dreads! In fact there are only the Deredo and Leviathan classes that I don't own, yet. I'm owed some serious money over the next couple of months so may just pick one of them when that cash comes back to me.

After a look at the instruction booklet and the sprues themselves I was impressed with the amount of stuff you get but was a touch disappointed by the lack of options you can field when it comes to the table top. As this is just for my collection I'm thinking of doing this as in either black and white for Malal or white and blue for the War Hounds.

There are lots of details on there and I'm really looking forward to putting this together and with a few nights lined up over the weekend I hope to knock this out by Tuesday.

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