Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Markers And Another Dread Filled Month

I decided to photograph the 6 objective markers for The Lion's Blades today.

All 6.

From the left; 1pt marker is The Lion's Shield, 2pt pointer is a mk2 Crusade suit, 3pts is a mk3 Iron Armour suit.

4pts is a mk4 Maximus pattern, 5pts is a Saturnalis Pattern Terminator Armour, although this is the old metal version, looking forward to seeing Forge Worlds version of these, and lastly for my 6pts the man that no Dark Angel player should need an introduction to; Cypher.
And onto next month,

I'll not be a big dread month, just the long legs, as one of them is broken and will be getting magnets fitted to fix that, that chassis will have to be a must as it only has one leg lug.

And the blue and red body will get a matching paint job, I also got another of the 4 armed hulls so I might just paint that as well for the hell of it.

And this chap will be getting painted for the Knights Of Blood, I'm thinking of naming it after one of the best returning characters in Highlander series and not sure if it'll one of the Horsemen, Fitz cairn or St. Cloud.

And storage wasn't kind to these 2 so they'll need to be re glued again.

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Greg Hess said...

I approve of all the dreads!

Paul Harris said...

That isn't all of them,😉 I'm going to have to do a post with them all...