Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chop Shop Space Crusade Dreadnought

I enjoyed doing the Chaos Dreadnoughts so much this month that I added one more to my list.

I got this one in with the 4 armed dread, and it had already been converted with the bones and 'Nid arm added, I added some of the chaos helbrute bits to this, it took some filing and cutting to get it to fit.

I added magnets and green stuff to the spare weapons and the tentacle arm to make it easier to store and transport.

This was just as the green stuff cured.

I gave it an ushabati bone base coat on the body .

Then on the bits I wanted to get the bone look on I gave it 2 sepia washes, and a screaming skull dry brush.

Before getting some black and red on it.
There was also 6 metal Harlequins done last night.

I got these in a lot with the ones I was missing so decided to swop out some of the plastic Dark Eldar Wytches.

2 Mimes for The League Of Shadows.

2 for Cegorachs Finest.

And 2 for The Crimson Kings Guard.

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