Sunday, 12 June 2016

Monthly Vow 12th of June To The 12th of July

That was a long month! The last 5 weeks have felt more like 7.
So my monthly update, what haveI missed this month? I didn't do any of the bases I said I was going to do, but that was it, everything else got done and more.

I started off with some Harlequins, these 3 have replaced 3 of the plastic DE Wytches.

I then did the BaC Contemptor and repaired my 2 Forge World Contemptors and while the plastic version is a nice kit I prefer the resin one.

About this time I found a cheap, boxed, new Chaos Helbrute and bought that as well.

I ended up painting it in the same colours as the original Chaos Chuck and rather liked the look of it, which lead me to repaint the Dark Vengeance chaos Helbrute as well.

And also doing the last of the workable Space Crusade Dreads in a Chaos feel.

And a Chaos Dreadnought / Helbrute family portrait.

Next up was more Harlequins.

I'd got my hands on the Jet Bike and set about turning it into a Skyweaver, I just wish I hadn't lost the handle bars...

This was the only one of the Jess Goodwin era Harlequins that I was missing when I went through the army bit as it came in a lot of 7 I swopped out some more of the plastic DE Wytches for these guys.

And I also did the spare Death Jester

Alongside 15 big guns for the Knights of Blood

This one is a Sgt, it was once one of my chop shop Terminators but didn't make the grade last month, and as it was armless I pulled up a plasma pistol arm that was already a conversion and added magnets for the other arm.

5 missile launchers, 5 las cannons and 5 Heavy Bolters at the back.

And on to next month, well the basing still needs to be done as does the work on the Proxy Banesword, I'm looking at buying the one metal dread I haven't got yet and possibly another of the early metal Chaos Caseterferrum to paint up in the same style as the others so the family tree are all the same colours, (which kind of means finding 2 more Space Crusade Dreads as well... ), but by and large I think most of the month will be painting Knights of Blood Marines and Guardians for Telvig and maybe, just maybe those 3 Vorax I have sitting on top of my fridge freezer in bags waiting to be assembled.

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