Saturday, 11 June 2016

Big Guns

This has been a very long month for me, feels like 6 weeks since the 12th of May, but that's more for my next post.
Back to the big guns, I dug out the various heavy weapon marines I have set aside for my Knights of Blood, I found I have 5 Heavy Bolters, 5 las cannons and 5 missile launchers as well as 3 marines I'm using as Sgts. I decided to make it easier for me to make all the heavy gunners from the Devastater Company, this just means I don't need to worry when I'm batch painting company markings.

I used one of the former Terminators as a Sgt and as it had no arms I dug out a plasma pistol arm that was an old conversion I had done and a Chopper arm that was once on the command squad.

I magnetised that arm before painting.

They all got a a base coat of Wazdakka red

And a nuln oil wash before I dry brushed evil Sunz Scarlet when it was dry

At this point I did the chapter badges.

I also started doing the spare Death Jester I'd got when one I'd bought arrived without either face mask.

I started doing this a tad different by giving it a dark blue base coat.

I did the bones with a base coat of ushabati bone and gave it all a draken nightshade wash

I then gave it several dry brushes with lighter shades of blue as I went on.

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