Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Masque Of The Breaking Dawn. Harlequins Got Them All Part 2.

Photo heavy post! So with my last few buys for the Harlequins I finally have all the Jes Goodwin era Harlequins, some of the 5th ed metal and the finecast versions and some of the new plastic as well. The last thing I bought was the Harlequins jet bike that I'll be adding to one of the chop shop Skyweavers squadrons, speaking of which;

Just need to take one out as I'be added the Harlequins jet bike.

The first part of The Diplomatic Corps.

The 2nd Masque

The 1st Masque

The Masque Of Mimes

The Masque Of The Star Players.

And all of the Jes Goodwin era Harlequins bar the jet bike.

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