Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Proxy Takes A Road Trip

Might not have actually done anything miniature wise beyond buying this guy

This week, which I'm planning on painting up in the Chaos Dreadnoughts colours of black and bone with some red so I have all of them in one colour scheme bar the long legged , 4 armed Space Crusade Dread... I'm also watching a metal Ultra dread on ebay as well, but that isn't what I'm posting about tonight, Tuesday morning I booked a table at Warhammer World for the 9th of July, going down there with 5 guys from Preston. I'm planning on taking my DA Successor Chapter The Lion's Blades, mostly to get my Oldhammer stuff photoed on their, frankly stunning, tables. Although I'm taking The Lion's Blades I aim to get 40 Guardians painted up for my Exodite Army before then.

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