Tuesday, 28 June 2016

La Penultimate

I missed this one on Saturday, what with working till lunch time and trying to get more than 4 hours sleep.

First things first I had to break the legs off as they had been glued in place and then I found that this wasn't the first time these legs had been glued in place, and it wasn't on this body.

A fun couple of hours with files, I had both legs looking usable.

This didn't quite go as planned as I broke one leg off and ended up having to magnetise the leg and used first glue then green stuff to get the leg in place.

I started the hull by breaking the guns off, then I added some magnets and green stuff to the lower arms and added some all arms to those 2.

While I waited for the green stuff to cure I played around with weapon arms. Looking at this I'm thinking I might need to buy another chaos helbrute to give it a balanced look with some of the old missile launcher or 2 mounted on the hand.

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