Thursday, 30 June 2016

Forge World Bulletin 1st of July 2016

Friday 01 July 2016

If you manage to see the Ursarax coming, it’ll be the last thing you see! Designed for lightning fast, devastating attacks, the Mechanicum Ursarax tear through enemy infantry, and they’re ready to join your army today.

For a truly devastating unit, try a full Cohort of nine Ursarax. We’ve also got the Mechanicum Shock Assault Force – a trio of Ursarax supported by three Thallax and a crushing Domitar Battle-automata! Get hold of the latest Mechanicum technology right now!

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WestRider said...

I'm actually really glad that these dropped just after I'd made a FW order. If they'd come out while I was messing with my list of what I wanted, I'd probably have a Mechanicum Army now, and I really do not need another new Army at the moment ;)