Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Something New

The 2nd plastic Contemptor arrived the other day, I took it to work and messed around with it, cutting off the exhaust system and fitting them onto La Penultima with green stuff. I also filled in the gap between the two stacks with more green stuff.

After painting and a dry brush and a magnet swop and gouge out I'm calling La Penultima done.

As the Contemptor, I offered it out and one of the guys I'm going down to Warhammer World with said he'd buy me a pint for it, as long as I did some work on it.

So I cut the legs off at the hips, so they can be positioned in a way that looks like its no longer working.

I then punched some holes in it and gouged out a couple of glancing hits, the holes go through the carapace and the inner hull.

So you can see that they have been the kill shots.

And this bit of work has earned me a Bugman's XXXXXX.

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