Sunday, 10 July 2016

Chaos Dreadnoughts Family Tree

Finished off the last of the Chaos Dreadnoughts last week, just in time to take the Family Tree down to Warhammer World, while we were down there I decided I need to get the Marahl Gar Contemptor to finish the line off, think that that'll be a Christmas present though...

I used a different table to the one we were fighting on. All the Dreads.

The RT era Chuck

2nd ed metal Caseterferrum.

Both versions of the Space Crusade dreadnought.

6th ed Dark Vengeance Chaos Helbrute

7th ed box version.

I also got a couple of other photographs done,

The Deathwing Knights

And as Battle Brothers was on, I asked if I could "borrow" a Spartan for a photo, so here is my Mk1 Spartan along side the Forge World version.

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