Sunday, 10 July 2016

Last 10 Guardian Defenders

As I posted earlier I'm 10 Guardians away from having all the bits I currently have for the Telvig army done. I dug out the Eldar box and got the bits out to make 10 more Guardians

I've used 3 oldhammer Guardians in this 5, along with a Wytch and a standard Guardian with a splinter rifles, the only work on these was putting the guns on the 2 plastic minis.

The other 5 all need rather more work, these are a mix of Dark Eldar and Eldar bits.

Waiting for glue to set on these now.

And how they look.

All 10 of this squad.

Base coat of ushabati bone.

Washed with nihilakh oxide on the heads and bodies.

Nuln oil wash on the guns and eyes.

And white dry brush at the end.

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