Saturday, 2 July 2016

Countdown To Warhammer World

Rather bored tonight, not much going on... unlike in 6 days, as once again the road show is on and Proxy goes to Warhammer World. This time I'm taking my Dark Angels, there'll be a couple of Formations; first up is a Demi Company lead by a Chaplain,

Assault squad

Tactical Squad 6 and a borrowed plasma gunner from the command squad

Tactical Squad 2

Tactical Squad 1

Heavy Bolter Dev squad

And a Venerable Dread

A Redeemer and 3 Predators in a Hammer Of Caliban formation, along with a Techmarine and Servitor

And either Beliel or Cypher with Deathwing Knights, who'll ride in the Land Raider.

I'm also planning to take all the Chaos Dreads to get a few photos on those cool tables.

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