Thursday, 21 July 2016

Who Knew I Had A 30k Army Ready To Roll.

Was chatting with guys I'd gone down to Warhammer World with the other day about 30k and one of them mentioned the 30k Rite Of War that let's you take a full Dreadnought army. Couldn't pass that up now could I?

16 Dreads on the table with Techmarine and Apothecary.

Using these as counts as a Contemptor Mortis Talon.

Will use these as a Casterferrum Mortis Talon.

A Casterferrum Talon.

A Contemptor Talon, plan to wait for the DA Contemptor to finish thisTalon off

A Crusade era Casterferrum Talon

A Venerable Caseterferrum Talon, again I'm planning to add one more to this one.
And the HQ of a RT era Techmarine. I plan to buy a Crusade era Apothecary so the current Apothecary can go back to his normal army.

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Francesc said...

Each dread you lose it's an VP for your opponent so it's an insta-lose army ;). If I was you I'd shore up with some tacticals (or preds) first as compulsory troops and then put dreads in talons (squads) of three.

Paul Harris said...

Thanks for the advice.